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Pure Alpine Swissness

at Chalet Silvretta Hotel & Spa

Nestled in the breathtaking mountain world of Samnaun, the Chalet Silvretta Hotel & Spa in Samnaun welcomes you as your “home in the mountains”. At 1850 meters above sea level, this traditional family business offers an authentic experience of Swiss hospitality.


The Chalet Silvretta Hotel & Spa is the ancestral home of the local Zegg family and there is a lot of heart, joy and passion for the hotel business within the walls of the Silvretta - and has been for over 80 years.


Step inside and let yourself be enchanted by the inviting ambience of the hotel. The architecture in typical chalet style combines traditional elements with modern comfort and creates an atmosphere of security and warmth. Every detail of the hotel reflects this style, from the cozy rooms and suites to the homely “Bündner Stube” restaurant.


The surrounding mountains not only offer a breathtaking backdrop, but also countless opportunities for outdoor activities in every season. Hike on countless trails through the meadows and forests and over the mountains, explore the region on an (e-)mountain bike or enjoy the slopes of the Silvretta Arena, one of the largest ski areas in the Alps.


At the Chalet Silvretta Hotel & Spa in Samnaun you will experience Pure Alpine Swissness - a perfect symbiosis of alpine tradition, warm hospitality with quality and the untouched beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Hubert Zegg says: “Pure Alpine Swissness is an expression that captures the essence of the Swiss Alpine world. It's about the untouched beauty and authenticity of the mountain landscapes, the traditional chalet-style architecture, the connection with nature and the cultural heritage of my family.


It also reflects the hospitality and craftsmanship expressed in the local products and specialties, as well as the way of life shaped by the seasons and the alpine environment. In short, it's a way of life that you can fully experience in places like the Chalet Silvretta Hotel & Spa in Samnaun.”


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