Short break / Opening on Friday, 16th October, 2020

These crazy colors in autumn. So to...

La Coupe Hairdressers

La Coupe Hairdressers

Exclusive atmosphere – personal advice. Our hairdresser's contributes to your perfect appearance. Here you can get your hair in top shape. Do you want to add some colour or do you prefer curly hair, a classic updo look, plaited hair or a short cut? We'll show you the art of hairdressing with exclusive products by Joico. 

Wash, blow-dry (laying), shampoo, setting lotion, finish from
CHF 53€ 46,09
CHF 61€ 53,04
Wash, cut, blow-dry (laying), shampoo, setting lotion, finish from
CHF 85€ 73,91
CHF 95€ 82,61
Bleaching from
CHF 40€ 34,78
CHF 45€ 39,13

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