Alpienne Facial Treatments



Pull out all the stops. This care regime from Alpienne is specific to your skin type and is the ultimate beauty kick for the face, neck, décolleté and hands. Starting with a regenerating deep cleanse, your skin is softly scrubbed with olive and biopir before being toned with a cleansing tonic and treated with a wonderful serum of barley extract, lady’s mantle and brewer’s yeast. After a revitalising facial massage, your skin, eye and lip areas as well as hands and nails are nourished with natural, pure premium products. For a visibly fresher complexion and healthy glow that lasts.

CHF 160€ 168,42

(50 MIN)


Be who you are. This ultra-regenerating treatment – with a generous amount of rose oil, rosehip oil, rose hydrolats, a hyaluronic boost complex, the innovative icelife revital complex and exquisite hypoallergenic anti-ageing formulations – is an invitation to a completely natural journey of discovery to the most beautiful versions of ourselves. Your skin is not only intensively cared for and energised, the moisture balance is also sustainably improved, skin irritations are alleviated, and natural cell renewal is encouraged. The skin feels visibly and tangibly smoother, firmer and – thanks to the immediate boosting effects – also youthfully taut. The complexion shines in new glow; authentic and beautiful. And all this exclusively with the forces of nature

CHF 160€ 168,42

(50 MIN)

Fountain of Youth

A wonderful, natural and pure care program specially adapted to the needs of demanding skin. Extracts of brewer’s yeast, St. John’s wort, green barley, mullein and lady’s mantle as well as a special beauty blend of different wild berries with powerful antioxidants and vitamins give your skin everything it needs for regeneration and vitality. Your face, neck, décolleté and hands are intensively cleansed, toned, scrubbed and massaged before a deep active treatment detoxifies and regenerates them with a natural clinoptilolite rich in silicone. To finish, they are nourished with a naturally effective anti-ageing cream. A truly extra-special care package guaranteed to las and leave you smiling.
Der Jungbrunnen

CHF 200€ 210,53

(50 MIN)

Bright Eyes

Look me in the eye. Make your eyes sparkle with the five specially designed steps in this Alpienne care treatment. The eye area is cleansed, hydrated, smoothed and relaxed with Euphrasia, mullein, cranberries, bilberries, barley grass, plenty of plant-based hyaluronan, lipids, natural zeolite and other powerful natural ingredients. Swelling and signs of tiredness are reduced, and the skin is smoothed and hydrated leaving the eye area fresher and more vitalised.

CHF 70€ 73,68

CHF 50€ 52,63


Bath in Bliss

Foam bath - sensitive, relaxing or stimulating. Using traditional Alpine medicinal plants. Bathe in nettle, dandelion and hay flowers. In calendula and balm with wild mallow. Or in honey and pine oil. Whichever you prefer. And just what does you and your skin good. Enjoy the experience and get in touch with your inner beauty.

CHF 65€ 68,42

(20 MIN)

Soap on my Skin

Do your skin and body something good with this unique Alpine experience. This whole-body natural soap scrub offers not only a deeply cleansing effect but also nourishes the whole body intensely. The scrub is adapted to your particular needs with wonderful, synergetic and harmonious natural Alpine ingredients that target the rejuvenation of your skin’s natural balance – cleansing, regenerating and vitalising. Followed by a remineralizing and energizing foam bath, the treatment leaves you feeling lighter. Feeling reborn has never been so easy.

CHF 140€ 147,37

(60 MIN)

Skin Pleasures

Relief for all skin types. The whole-body scrub is personalised to suit your skin’s needs. Regenerating with pine and honey extracts, cleansing with biopir and St. John’s wort, or revitalising with mountain arnica and rosemary. After a soft, slow scrub, your skin and body are pampered with a luxurious, hand-crafted pack of powerful medicinal plants and natural ingredients from the Alps. Yellow gentian, juniper berry, birch, wheat bran and various essential oils provide a lasting deep cleanse as well as detoxification and vitalisation.

CHF 160€ 168,42

(75 MIN)
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