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Earth Sauna

The Earth Sauna is a Finnish outdoor sauna and the most popular form of sauna. The session is based on a recurring change of heating the body up and cooling it down again. Saunas in general improve the immune system, cleanse and detoxify the body, support the respiratory tract and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Sauna sessions are not recommended in case of circulatory problems, a tendency for thrombosis, extremely low or high blood pressure, in case of acute infections or acute rheumatism.
Sauna session: approx. 10-15 minutes


Laconium refers to a dry form of sauna, the temperature lies close to 55°C.  In a short period of time, the body is heated to such a high temperature that it will be optimally detoxified due to intense sweating.  This stimulates the blood circulation, accelerates the removal of metabolic waste and mobilises the body’s own defences. The regular sweating in the Laconium helps reduce stress sustainably as well. The heart activity is stimulated and the blood pressure is regulated. The result is a feeling of freshness and deeper mental and physical relaxation. The length of your stay in the Laconium is determined according to your own well-being, the purifying effect start already after 15-20 minutes.

Mountain Crystal Cave

The Mountain Crystal Cave offers you an exceptional experience. Feel the crystals’ pure power and discover a mental and physical relaxation. This special stem bath from “Arabian Nights” is heated to 55°C. The mountain crystal reaches multiple organs due to its strong yet at the same time gentle vibrations. It positively affects the whole circulatory system in particular. This effect is intensified by the connection to the steam bath, its pleasant radiant heat and the natural aromas, which are absorbed by the steam.

Salt Cave

In the salt cave, very fine dissolved sea salt brine is vaporized at your fingertips. Adding pure essential eucalyptus and mint extracts obtains an additional cleaning and care effect of the entire respiratory system. The special brine and steam technology in combination with the radiant heat of the system elevates partial pressure. The bio climate corresponds with a stay at the sea. This health oasis is a boon for your lungs, a fountain of youth for your bronchi, especially for smokers or people living in a polluted environment.  You should stay 15-20 minutes in the salt Inhalation cave.  The inhalation (press the button and keep your nose above the salt wells) may be repeated in 3-5 minutes intervals.

Herbal bath

The stimulating effect of the herbs on the human body keeps on gaining support in the modern world.  The herbal extracts injected into the room by mild inhalation stem, will vitalize your body. The radiant heat, which has been our concept of health and well-being ever since the Roman baths, creates in addition the conditions for a perfect bathing experience. An herbal bath should take about 20-30 minutes.

Infrared cabin

The infrared rays are absorbed by the skin and transported to the inside of the body. The skin warms up from inside (deep heat) and the body can sweat without straining circulation. This deep heat results in a very good cleansing and detoxification effect.
Furthermore, a positive effect on skin, joints and digestion is achieved. Muscle tensions are loosened and the sauna is gentle on the veins.
Duration: approx. 10-20 minutes

The Silvretta Spa is a nude-zone.

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