Silvretta packs

Natural Salt Body Scrub

Natural Salt Body Scrub

With arnica, honey and stone pine or St. John's Wort and Biopir.

CHF 90€ 78,26

(ca. 40 min.)
Alpienne Regeneration and anti-aging body wrap

Alpienne Regeneration and anti-aging body wrap

Brewer's yeast biotin, St. John's Wort extract, lanolin fat, geranium, clary sage and olive oil regenerate your cells, improve skin texture, reduce cellulite and help prevent stretch marks.

CHF 85€ 73,91

(ca. 50 min.)

Fango pack

Fango is a timeless gem from nature that can do a lot of good things for our body and well-being. The heat that is released into the skin during a mud potting penetrates to the skin surface and thus ensures that the healing substances in the body can spread. In addition, the production of analgesic substances is stimulated by the algae components in the Fango.

CHF 70€ 60,87

(approx. 25 min.)

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